Top global events of 2014

From Ebola outbreak to airplane that is missing. Much like with any other year, 2014 has had some happenings which are more vital than other events. 2014 hasn’t been short of memorable events and I have compiled a handful of them. I am unsure if I have touched on all them but at least these will be the most remembered occasions. Do feel free to add in the comments below if you think there’s any other major events who I have left out and ought to be contained.

The very first episode of the Ebola virus was initially reported in West Africa. This uncontrolled virus resulted in tens of thousands of deaths and rapidly spread across the whole African continent. When the World Health Organization promised the report released indicating five to six thousand fatalities was a gross underestimation. Fewer unconfirmed cases were reported in USA, Spain and Germany igniting worries and huge fears of a worldwide outbreak. Fortunately, the feared doomsday scenario did not materialize by the end of 2014.

As the year of the sinking of MV Sewol, they will remember 2014 to South Koreans. The Sewol ferry disaster is unlike other average ferry calamities. Most of the passengers include of secondary school students that are youthful. Secondly, the way the captain as well as the crew reacted to the disaster. Instead of helping the weak passengers, the captain had instructed the kids while they made their own getaway to remain. This must be the worst behavior which might be anticipated out of a ship captain.

2014 additionally marked one of the biggest technology acquisition in our generation. In line with the increasing use of smartphone is the rise of messaging applications. All of us use social media giant Facebook to keep track on our pals nevertheless 9 in 10 of smartphone users rely on Whatsapp in wishes to private messages. Enough reason was given by the hundreds of millions loyal Whatsapp users for Facebook offer Whatsapp a whopping valuation of $22 billions and to dig deep in their pocket. If you take into consideration that Whatsapp did have merely 70 workers at the time Facebook acquired it, such a gargantuan valuation is more than salivating by all means. It’s sufficient to make every Whatsapp worker a millionaire. It remains to be seen how Facebook will turn its new acquisition into a giant cash cow. Hopefully we won’t need to return to the olden days when we have got to cover each message. I can consistently live with freemium model and I do not mind them charging for all the emoticons. But not if I have need to live with ads that are irritating or to pay a subscription.

Not every will recall when the global financial disaster happened in 2008, what oil cost was. Back then, oil price was in the reach of $60 per barrel. The following years found oil cost creeping to $130 per barrel’s highest point, considerably to the pain of several households owners who found their utility gasoline statement doubling. Finally in 2014, the oil catastrophe occurred and it drop back to the pre-2008 degree. All along I believed that lower oil cost would be great for typical man like me but I was perplexed when I read that such low cost is actually bad for the international marketplace. At the conclusion of 2014, gasoline costs in several cities in the US had come down from its peak of $5 to less than $2. That’s why this year appears like the one that US auto-owners will be recall the for quite a while to come.

I’m sure these won’t be all the events the year 2014 will be recalled for. I believe that is to be expected since it is impossible for all of us to see things the identical way. The things that interest us will determine the significance of an occasion and I don’t expect everyone to have the same interests as mine.

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