My love for Phuket

If there is any place on earth that I might call paradise, it’ll be none other than Phuket. I have not long ago took a six months break from work. From all of the places, Phuket is beyond doubt the one which I love absolutely the most.

If you ask me what is it particularly which makes Phuket so remarkable, I can’t be sure. Scenery. Weather. People. Food. I assume it is a mix of all.

While most of the entire world has forgotten concerning the deadly tsunami that rocked Phuket back in 2006, the same can not be said of the people living in Phuket. In the way I notice it, images from that tragedy remain vivid in the minds of the people. Nontheless, lives had to continue and that’s what happened with all the people there.


I’m not a professional photographer but let me just share several pictures that I’ve captured while I was in Phuket. Hope you guys like it!

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