Everything you need to know pertaining to Pixar’s Best Films

It’s very obvious which business that would be, when an animation business is to granted a gold standard award. From the year 1995, when the first toy story was released into the cinemas, Pixar has churned up an animation blockbuster after another one per annum. Here’s something most film watchers do not know about movie production companies. A movie production company has to release greater than one blockbuster every year if it’s going to stay lucrative. But for Pixar, they’re simply a class over the remainder. Instead of releasing many films per year, they only have to generate just one one. The company are able to do so since they’re pros at what they do and not a single one of their animated films has ever neglected to make it to the very top of the box office charts. Here are some of characters and the few films that have become endeared by many animation lovers.

Toy Story caused a stir in the world when it was released back in the mid 90s. Pixar’s acclaim skyrocket was seen by the movie due to its own intense success. Woody, the movie’s lovable and principal character is very popular among kids even today. The story line behind Toy Story is something that is so timeless and easily resonates with anyone. As children, our playthings have been mistreated by each one of us at some point of time. This film reminds us that we must pay our respect that is due to our playthings and they deserve to be medicated nicely also. The second installment of the movie appeals more to me than any other of the two.

The next pick is for the foodies and let’s face it, we all share a love and passion for food. With that said, Ratatouille is a film that any food lover or critic must see. Personally I have watched this film more than ten times and each time I do so is constantly thrilled. Just like just about any other pixar film, the principal character of Ratatouille is not a human being but a rats rather. For all those people who never have watched the film would feel disgusted by the very thought that a rat can truly become a chef. Ratatouille puts the cartoon skills of Pixar and also the craft of storytelling in a league of their own. This is effort that just Pixar has been able to accomplish.

The one-eyed character that was featured in Monsters, Inc — Mike Wazowski — is arguably one of the most imaginative characters that somebody could ever think of creating. The picture loved by kids of all ages and itself is thrilling throughout. The key character, a tough looking one-eyed creature brought to life on the screen, captured the souls of one and all. In addition to looking lively Mike is also adorable and incredibly amusing. The later 3D version of Monsters Inc simply blew my head away in its edge-of-seat ride, an experience beyond that initially provided by the 2D version.

An escape in the conventional way of making animated movies of Pixar was seen in the animation released in 2004. That uncommon-style movie was The Incredibles. I love most of Marvel’s super heroes characters but there is something different with the characters featured in this movie. It’s a real masterpiece especially in a single picture, with its blending, of so many components of amusement seen in several Hollywood hits. Its story is full of huge experience, bringing to life the story of a non-traditional fun-loving family through the state-of-the-art technology of the time. Thus, in case you believed the super-heroes story finishes and begins with even Superman or Spiderman, then you definitely need to see this movie.

Pixar Animation Studios is a stand alone business on its own today. The move had plenty of people questioning whether this was the right or wrong thing to do and came in 2006. It’s difficult to say whether the acquisition has done more good than harm though Pixar continues producing important blockbuster movie every year. There is one question that I always ask myself. This might come down to personal taste, but I can’t help but question whether the move has changed the imagination and technical facets of the Pixar films that are newer. If not for the acquisition, I wonder if Pixar will come up with a different breakthrough like they did in the year 1995 with the release of their first Toy Story. Either way, I am an ardent Pixar fan and I do expect that they’ll continue with their creation of amazing narratives for many more years into the future.


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