The amateur guide to the best cities in the world

I from time to time wonder about various matters. I tend to wonder, if there clearly was a possibility to select a city around the world that I was able to live in, which city will probably be the perfect alternative. This concern is rationally made with a foreseeable approach. I rely on the google search engine to search for suggestions and answers. Google is really enlightened such that a few folks have a tendency to compare it with God. Because of this, my expectations are to get the best answer. It turned out that I wasn’t appropriate. This is because the answering process is dependant on the person you have inquired, not actually what you might be expecting, but what they’ve in mind. If you ask readers of CNN Traveller, you may believe Florence (a little town in Italy) would be the best city to reside in. Nevertheless, your Melbourne would be given by Telegraph as the best city, and this is the second largest city, located in Australia. That led me to think of a listing of my own. Here’s a small record of cities which I believe will be best to live in.

Singapore is a country that is very tiny. It is so tiny, that you will hardly find it on a world map. Singaporeans are even calling themselves the small red dot. Basically, the country is quite little. The minuteness of the state doesn’t end there. One of the smallest country in the world was named as the most affluent nation on earth though Singapore is it. So if you find out more about the country, don’t be surprised by what you might get in return. Having one of the strongest and most remarkable transportation structures, you are sure you will never get lost when in Singapore. Another factor that is astounding is that Singapore boasts of the finest health care system in the world.

Another amazing spot I will rather die but never fail to go is Kyoto. Many people likely heard of Kyoto from its famous Geisha. Nevertheless, I personally understand it because of weather, food and the abundant culture. Lots of people believe that Japan is a state that is very classy and advanced. But in case you’ve been there you will be surprised. Apart from the city center, Kyoto is quite a relaxing spot to live in. Actually, there are dozens of shrines and temples which you can go to should you’d like to find inner peace. But again, unless you have unlimited quantity of riches, Kyoto is still rather an expensive city to live in.

Boasting an extremely wealthy fashion, Milan is just another amazing spot I’ve always expected to reside in. But in case you have ever been to Milan yourself, you’ll find out that Milan is much more than merely a fashion harbor. It boasts among the best foods. And if pasta is your favorite food, but you have not visited Milan, then you haven’t yet tasted the first pasta. One more thing which makes Milan all the more specific for me is its soccer culture. AC Milan is significantly supported by me, and I have always appreciated them play each week.

Bruges, in Belgium is a city that one will undoubtedly consider because of its rich historical structure . Popularly known as The Venice of the North the architectural landscapes that Bruges offers offers you a sneak peek into the past. Here, you will get constructions and architectural edifices that were assembled long time past, even in the 12th century. Personally, I’m interested in history and that is my primary reason for selecting Bruges. There are numerous churches and museums that you may go to and they offers rich collection of rare artwork treats. But if there is one thing which makes Bruges compelling, it will be its weather.

This has been my version of the ‘best cities in the world’. I’m not saying this list is for everyone. Personally, i understand that everybody has feelings and their personal tastes when it comes to certain places. This will be based on the position that you grew up, and how much you really understand about a certain city. For instance, it is possible that individuals living in Europe will have little or no exposure to cities within Asia. As well, it is likely that anyone living in Asia will not have much exposure on cities within Europe. As such, never have negative opinions about certain cities not until you visit them and you ought to be constantly amenable to more exposures.


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